Monday, March 30, 2009

The run down

I know, I know all my blog followers are going into withdrawal...sorry! Things have been crazy around here, but really when aren't they? I am finally finished with the consignment sale. It was great, and the biggest yet with almost 100 consignors showing up. The room was packed. I forgot to take pictures because I had a line of people waiting to get in, but I did take a short video for my dad. For some reason he can see the videos, but not the pictures. Just hit mute though because I hate the way I sound!

I have been playing catch up ever since the sale. It is hard when you are gone for a week, but the rest of your family is still at home...they create messes and you are not there to clean them up! I have to say thanks to all of my wonderful MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) friends. They have been absolutely wonderful to me since Jeff has started his job at Presbyterian. Several of them came over for a couple of days to help me around the house to try to get it ready to sell. They cleaned, boxed, donated, and rearranged. The house still needs some work, but we have officially put it on the market.

Many of my MOPS friends have also helped out by bringing dinner to us. Things are very hectic in the evenings around here with me coaching soccer. Some nights we eat later than we need to, and the kids get in bed late. It has been so nice to come home from practice, and not have to cook or clean and then do all the other nightly duties. Being a single mom of 4 really stinks! I have a new appreciation for those people! I have truly been humbled by all my friends and their kindness! Thank you everyone for your support and help.

Let see what else...Jeff's Uncle Al flew to Habersham and picked up Jeff and the big boys. They flew back to Pickens and then drove our new to us Durango back. This was No-Bo's first time flying. I think he really enjoyed. The ride took about 20 min by is 1 hour 15 minutes when we drive.

I have not taken many pictures the last few weeks. No time really to think about it. I did however happen to catch the Blue Man Group running wild upstairs one morning last week. The little ones decided to take on an art project the other morning after they woke up before they came downstairs. Did I mention that the upstairs has carpet! They found a bottle of craft paint and started creating masterpieces. What a mess! I was so furious with them. This was the first time that they have gotten into big time trouble! I worked on the carpet for over and hour while they kept saying "I want something my eat" or "I'm hungry mommy". It really put a damper on my day.

As you can see nothing too exciting going on, but still a whole lot happening!

*** Congratulations to Ron (Jeff's cousin) and Kristen on their new (big) baby boy. You did a great job growing that baby Kristen. I can't wait to meet sweet baby Aidan.