Sunday, September 19, 2010

All rolled into one

Okay so I mentioned in the last post how far behind I was blogging. I decided to just roll them all into one post so I can feel "caught up". So here is what has been happening in the Wilson household the last month (or so).

When I got home from the convention in Aug. my sweet family surprised me with a little Birthday party! I didn't even have to buy my one cake this time. I guess I whined enough about it last year. Anyway getting older wasn't so bad this year!

Disgusting I know!!! At least you didn't have to fight her for it! Cricket kept dragging this gross, bloody, squirrel all over the garage and leaving trails of blood, so I had to run her off with a stick, pick up this creature, and carry it out to the woods! Yuck!!! The following week she had a baby bunny...I spare you the pictures!

Flat as a fritter! Yep that is the flat tire that I changed...All by myself. I had no choice to because it was almost time to pick up the kids, and there was nobody to help. It is a sense of accomplishment though! Yay! Oh when Jeff took the tire to see if they could fix it they pulled an entire half of pair of pliers out. The only part sticking out was the very end of the handle...we had to get a new tire!

Raider football started a couple of weeks ago. They have not had a very good start to the season, and it may not get any better, but Jeff is still coaching up those boys to be young men, and he is really good at it!

Homegrown Watermelon...all on accident! We grew this bad boy with a seed that was probably dropped on the way to compost one day. I ended up growing right by the swing set. We had no idea how long to let it grow, so we picked it last week when it looked to be about the size of the ones we had been buying...very scientific!

It turned out to be quite yummy! Maybe next year we will grow some "for real".

The fair was in town this past week. Unfortunately we have to pass by it to get to the grocery store or anywhere else in town for that matter. Since Jeff took the big boys to the Clemson/Presbyterian game last Saturday, I decided I would take the little ones to the fair. They had a good time and rode a couple of rides (all we could afford without taking out a loan), and all they really wanted was cotton candy. We watched the Rodeo until it started pouring.

These precious cuties FINALLY started pre-school last week. They are going 3 days, and I can not tell you how excited I am to have a little chunk of time to myself! I have big plans too... most of which include exercising, so watch out for the skinny me! They loved the first week, and we love their wonderful school!

Yay! I am officially caught up! I feel so much better. Now I have to stay on the ball!!!