Saturday, February 27, 2010

one way across

Trying to catch up on some blogging adventures. We went to the cabin right after sledding all morning once the snow had a chance to melt. It was a nice relaxing weekend, and we got to spend time with Papa and Nana too!

So we went hiking while at the cabin a couple weeks ago, and this was the only (dry) way across the river. Needless to say we had to turn around at this point. Pip and squeak were too little for this venture, so we just tested it out. As you can see No-Bo was just big enough to reach. I was a little worried when he got the middle because it was more of a stretch for him, but he did great.

Here we are with our bellies full, freezing and ready to get back on the trail home!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Can you tell that Pipi does not feel well here. She actually threw up shortly after this picture!

Of course "Mountain man" makes his appearance when it snows!

Here is a video of the big boys sledding at the ninth grade academy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

snowy wonderland

I am so behind in my blogging duties. It is not for lack of content either. I am going to try to catch up in the next days. Coaching soccer again at the high school is keeping me real busy every afternoon. Jeff rushes home so I can get to practice! I am having fun.

Are these super warrior heros too cute. This was when the snow first started.

This is after a night of snow! Notice the snowman without a face. The kids helped me for about 30 minutes, and then got bored rolling the snowballs all over the yard. We went in to eat and then bed. I couldn't let the snowman go unfinished, so I went out in the dark, and finished rolling and stacking the snowman! I am sad to say that my knees were sore the next day from crawling around the yard pushing snow! I thought it would be a neat surprise for them to see when they woke up, but was too tired and cold to go back out and finish the face!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Warrior Dash

Warrior Dash is the ultimate event for thrill-seeking athletes.  This six-kilometer race is held on the most demanding and unique 143 acres of terrain the Midwest has to offer.  Participants will take on 13 intense obstacles and celebrate their feat with music, beer and muddy shorts.

I signed Jeff and I up for this event in May, and we are pumped! I think that this is the first time that it will be held in the southeast, and it will just be right up the road from us. Looks like lots of fun with lots of crazy fire jumping, mud crawling, barbed wire, bog swimming, tunnel crawling, car jumping obstacles!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl party

L.C. came to me several days ago and asked if he could have some friends over and have a Super Bowl party. He has really gotten into football lately and wants to watch it all the time. Jeff of course loves having someone that is interested and will sit down and watch with him. We ended up having the party and the guys got to stay until half time. What is sad is that the first Super Bowl party that we host is for 9 year olds!

Friday, February 5, 2010


So today I walked in from soccer practice and Jeff and the kids yelled surprise, and then I saw this sign! Wow! I was totally surprised! We have been doing a little something for the kids on their half Birthday's just because theirs get lost in all the Christmas hoopla.

I guess that I have whined and felt sorry for myself enough about how depressing my Birthday usually is that they finally took note. My Birthday ALWAYS falls right at the start of football season when Jeff is away at camp. This means that I am home with the kids all day and night for several days and by myself on my Birthday, and it is kind of depressing...well to put it mildly it really stinks!! I know, I know, it is not a real sob story, and it could be worse, and I should be thankful for another year and all that crap, but it still is no fun. This past Birthday I had to actually buy my own cake...go in the store...pick it out...and pay for it! Talk about depressing. I will never do that again!

ANYWAY enough about that, because they more than made up for it with this surprise. The kids made me cards and pictures, they had flowers, and cupcakes not bought by's the simple things...that's all I want. There was also a coupon for 1 "free" meal for that night only, so no cooking and cleaning! It turned out to be perfect!

Thank you my sweet
Jeffers and kidos. It was a wonderful surprise, and I couldn't have asked for more! Love to all!

So be completely you think I am getting better with age or what????.........................