Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday 2008

Today is Black Friday... the day after thanksgiving and the day my wife takes the entire day, beginning at 6:oo am to get all the "DEALS" that can only be enjoyed by waking at 5:45 am and sprinting into the shopping fray. It also denotes one of the few days throughout the year that Dad is completely in charge. This is also my first attempt at blogging, so bare with my inexperience and try to enjoy...

My first act as sole ruler of the household today was to declare a "pick your own clothes" Day...they were all allowed to choose any clothes they wanted and LC helped everyone get dressed...I feel it is important to single out the turtleneck sweater, pink skirt, pink socks, pink crocs, pink bow...there is no doubt, she is my favorite...daughter.

Here we are loaded and ready for a hike in the beautiful North Georgia mountains....

At the trail head...the adventure begins.

If one didn't know better, one might think this young man was unsupervised...did he fall in? did he catch a fish with his bare hands? did he fall in? The children and Dad are unable to share the events that took place due to a blood oath of secrecy.

Proving that knowledge is relative...big brother lectures on the natural forces of a wetland habitat...or he may be pointing at a duck...

To summarize:
Wife leaves at 6am...
Kids get to wear whatever they want...
Hiking ensues...
LC slips, twist his ankle and does a face plant...
NoBo falls while climbing a rotten tree...
JJ takes a tumble on the trail...
Pipi has the only evidence of Dad being in charge with the above boo boo (it's on her knee)

All in all, a pretty successful experience and a fine time had by all. Blog you later.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Silly camera games

Today we were going to go hiking, but the day kind of got away from us so we went to the park instead and played silly camera games. It was a lot of fun even though the twins were kind of fussy (mainly Pipi) and wanted to hold my hand the whole time (next time I will really be able to let loose). I set the camera on 10 second timer and we would count to 10 and try to be back in front of the it for the picture. We tried it standing then laying down and then jumping. Don't you just love my big cheese grin in all the pics. I dare you to try it...

Look at the focused look on J.J.'s face, and the I've had enough on Pipi's!

L.C. is really good at doing the jumps! You can tell I was never a cheerleader! (Where's Pipi?)
I had to throw my hands back because I punched No-Bo the first time we did it!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A lot to be Thankful for!

Thanksgiving also came early this year. We celebrated on Sunday with all of the Wilson clan. Yum, yum lots of good food! I took a bunch of pictures, and everyone kept asking if they were going to get here it is I think this includes everyone that was there.

Santa is already in town!

It looks like Christmas is coming early this year. Saturday we went to the Christmas bizarre in town. They had all kind of crafts and foods, and they also had all these bouncy, jumpy, slide things for the kids to play on. This picture is kind of blurry because there is so much action going on, but I love the pure happiness laughter look on Pipi's face! The kids were so excited about seeing Santa especially J.J. who really doesn't understand "Santa". We took a peak when we first got there. While we were walking around, all that J.J. kept saying was he wanted to go see Santa. We finally took him and sat on his lap. No-Bo was probably the most anxious about it, and didn't want to at first. Check out the picture below. No Santa was not drunk...I asked everybody to make a funny face which usually I have to tell them not to. Nobody really participated, but Santa is kind of making a face. I think LC's look is funny!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I've been tagged

I am starting this blog off with a random picture (to go with the theme) that I found that was taken before my blogging days, but I feel is noteworthy, and well down right disgusting. If you notice on my beautiful hand a painted walls the finger painting above Pipi's crib. This was during the stage that she would take her diaper off during nap time...need I say more!!!

A friend of mine recently tagged me on her blog. I was tagged to share 7 random things about myself. It was hard for me to sit down and write 7 random things about yourself. I can think of a million things throughout the day when I am not in front of the computer. I did cheat a bit and think of a few things the last couple of days, so here goes. I hope they aren't to boring.

1. I am cold ALL the time, and hate being cold. I am bundled up right now and my toes are still icicles. This is why I love the spring and summer best. If I am cold, I can go outside and soak up the warm sun. This is why I love for Jeff to go to bed before me...he is like a heater and gets the bed all toasty warm.

2. If I could change one thing about myself it would be...the ability to sing. My children love for me to sing to them at night, and bless their hearts they don't know any better (yet), but I am not that good. I do have to say Jeff says I have gotten better since we've been married. He once told me that it physically hurt him to hear me sing - very cruel thing to say. I would love to belt out a song one day and sound good doing it!!!!

3. We just finished Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Watch out world we are on our way to being financially peaceful (somehow on a one income teacher salary with 4 children). It was a great class, and I highly recommend for everybody!

4. Why is it that we want to eat our little ones up. I say that to my kids all the time - well maybe only when they are good. It is a weird feeling, but you just want to gobble them up sometimes because they bring you so much love!

5. I really enjoying exercising, and feel blah when I don't get to. I love to play almost any sport (not that I am good at some) and I am always up for a challenge.

6. This one is crazy, but I love to stop and help out at accidents. I have stopped at many different wrecks and helped out people that have walked away, been airlifted, and a sad one with a family where the dad was dead and the moms leg was trapped under the car that had flipped over. Jeff always reminds me that when I am traveling alone with the kids that I can not stop. Sometimes when we drive by an accident he tells me "they already have help" so we don't have to stop. I know its crazy...I think I missed my calling!

7. I bought a 4lb big, huge, tub, Sam's club type humongous container or whatever you call it of peanut butter on Nov. 1st, and it is already gone!!!! How will I ever feed all these boys!

I hope that you got through all that okay. Now I am supposed to tag 7 people. The problem is I can't think of 7 people who blog who haven't already been tagged, so I am going to go with what I've got. Here you go my fellow bloggers let us know your crazy thoughts:


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My other little angel

I was told that I needed to update, so here it is (mom). Here is my other little angel. She is older than J.J. by 29 minutes, and I bet she will never let him forget that. This is my little priss pot. Don't you love her sweet little is actually fitting of her personality...feisty! She loves anything pink (note the pink boots we had to put on). She is now getting into girly things. She says that she wants 1,2,3,4,5,6 baby dolls for Christmas and a new baby stroller because the puppies chewed hers up. We'll have to see what Santa can do. It is neat having a little girl after raising boys for years. I am excited about all our girl time we will get to spend together. I will start brain washing her now so she will still think her mom is cool when she is a teen (I am cool now right?). I love her precious little features...that button nose, those delicate hands and the way she says "Ho, ho, ho Merry Clause" and "I wuv u". I love this sweet baby girl so very much!

Friday, November 14, 2008

New sleeping quarters

Check out these awesome bunk beds! After almost knocking himself out, almost getting his finger broken (saved by the wedding band), and lots of time and sweat we now have another beautiful piece of furniture from our favorite carpenter. Thanks Papa (and his assistant Nana) for all your hard work...we love you and the new beds.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My youngest angel

Isn't he a little angel...can't you see the halo surrounding his head??!! JJ is such an incredibly sweet little boy. He is a very funny kid and full of laughter. He likes things to be neat and in place to the point of OCD sometimes. He loves to do things for his sister, and playing with his big brothers. He is however very strong willed. The other night he sat in his highchair for an extra 40 minutes because he refused to ask to be excused. We were prepared to let him sleep there, but he finally pulled through. It payed off too, because now he will say it right away. Parenting 101...never give in!!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


After church, the kids were running around playing and then they all sat down on this wall. It would be nice if they could see each other more often!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Birthday surprise!

We went to LaGrange for my sisters (older I might add) surprise party this weekend. The twist was though that she surprised us and showed up 30 minutes early! We still had a great time, and her sweet husband did a great job decorating the backyard with lights, candles, and a fire pit! Happy 40 sis!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The great outdoors

What a great day to play in the leaves. It was No-Bo's idea to rake them up and jump in them. They were quite entertained for a while. It is awesome how they can argue like brothers, but still be each others best friend. If only it didn't take so much work to rake the leaves from the yard!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Saturday was All Saints day, so for church on Sunday, the kids were supposed to dress up as a Saint. Despite not feeling well, I was able to throw these costumes together! They kids look pretty "Saintly" don't they????