Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Silly camera games

Today we were going to go hiking, but the day kind of got away from us so we went to the park instead and played silly camera games. It was a lot of fun even though the twins were kind of fussy (mainly Pipi) and wanted to hold my hand the whole time (next time I will really be able to let loose). I set the camera on 10 second timer and we would count to 10 and try to be back in front of the it for the picture. We tried it standing then laying down and then jumping. Don't you just love my big cheese grin in all the pics. I dare you to try it...

Look at the focused look on J.J.'s face, and the I've had enough on Pipi's!

L.C. is really good at doing the jumps! You can tell I was never a cheerleader! (Where's Pipi?)
I had to throw my hands back because I punched No-Bo the first time we did it!


Garretts said...
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Garretts said...

Carolyn, these are so fun! You guys do some really fun stuff...thanks for sharing it with us all. I think my favorite is the one with No Bo in the foreground and the rest of you guys in the background...although I couldn't find JJ. Looked like fun!