Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well here we are...another year has gone by, and we are having our 2nd annual pumpkin carving competition. Your vote is needed. Last year was a success, and I don't want to brag or anything, but I am the one with the bragging rights! We would love to have more people vote...come on it's fun...I'm not at all least to those of you who don't know me! The kids actually had a lot to do with these designs this year. They went upstairs after dinner, and drew up designs for us to follow. They decided whose team they wanted to be on, and it was split evenly. Click here to look at last years jacks. You have until midnight October 31st to vote. Just click on the comments and leave your vote there...don't be scared!

Pumpkin A...............................................................................................................Pumpkin B

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Patton museum

While we were in Kentucky we went drove up to Fort Knox and went to the General Patton museum. J.J. wanted to see the tanks, and boy did we see tanks. Tanks from every war thy were used in.

I bet you didn't know how strong this little boy was??!!

Here are the sweet girls hanging out. They love each other so much!

We almost got everyone to look and smile!

Thanks again mom and dad for a great trip!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kentucky continued

So after we left Dinosaur World as if that wasn't enough, we went to Mammoth Cave National Park. It was only 5 miles away, and we wanted to take in everything while we were there. Any guesses as to what this picture is??? I won't bore you with a bunch of them, but this is inside one of the caves. This room is called the rotunda. It is enormous and the ceiling was perfectly round (hence the name). Mammoth Cave it the largest in the world with over 300 miles of cave systems. The second largest has only over 100 miles! We only went on a 2 mile tour.

Can you tell it was a long day. This picture was actually taken before they walked the 2 mile tour during what should have been nap time. They did great. Pipi fell asleep in the cave while Daddy Jim was carrying her. I then got the hand off for a while. I had to wake her up at one point because we were going down stairs, and the ceiling was so low there was no way to duck with her. For a short while in the cave we had to crouch way down to make it through. It was so low that Pipi could drag her hand along the ceiling! Then we had to walk through Fat Mans Misery...can you guess what that was?

I love this picture just because of the way J.J. is holding onto Daddy Jim's leg. He had a great time with him and they became buddies.

The boys counted when we were leaving the national forest and said they say 28 deer! They didn't seem too afraid of us either. I pulled right and stopped next to this one and it never moved!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


...I don't think so!!!

On Friday I packed the kids up, and we drove a million miles to really seemed like they moved the state...okay it was just 7 1/2 very long hours. The kids had several days off for fall break, so we decided at the last minute to meet my parents in Kentucky to go to Dinosaur World. They had my sisters kids for the weekend, and I knew the kids would have a blast. My niece and nephew were so surprised when they woke up the next morning...they had no idea we were coming.

These boys love being together!

Pipi and Lou could not get enough of each other either. They are so sweet together holding hands and hugging.

Here they are doing a dinosaur dig. I think they found a big one!

What a tasty, run, run!

These life size creatures are every where. There were many we had never heard of.

Here is the crew on the photoasaurus. This dino is much bigger than life size. It sits out by the interstate to attract tourists. They are sitting on the very end of his tail.

Whatever you do...don't look back...

Oops too late...those sweet cheeks were just to hard to resist!

Daddy Jim loves his boys, but he has a thing for his girls!

Thanks Daddy Jim and Granna for a wonderful trip! We love you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This weekend I saw this animal trap at my friends yard sale, and knew I had to have it. The boys are always trying to catch something. They dig holes, tie strings, set out food you name it they have tried it. I was excited to bring this home to them. They actually spotted it in the back of the car before I had a chance to tell them about it. Don't you know they were out of the car in a flash and raiding the refrigerator for lettuce. After the first we added an apple with peanut butter to it...then came the ants. Yesterday when they got home from school L.C. was looking out back, and noticed that the trap door was down. I have told them not to open it with out me there. Can't you just see a big skunk coming out of there madder than hell!

We lifted the door and this is what we had trapped...

...yep our cat! I think she had been in there since at least the night before. Of course it rained all night and most of the next day. She was so funny looking and smelled horrible to put it mildly. That is when I experienced something I have never done a cat a bath!! I have to admit I was a bit afraid that she might claw my eyes out because we all know cats don't like water, but it had to be done. She had used the bathroom all in the box and was covered in it. I'm telling you it was terrible. She was also shivering, so I thought that would warm her up a bit. She did great, and I don't have any claw marks! Oh the adventures of having boys!