Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kentucky continued

So after we left Dinosaur World as if that wasn't enough, we went to Mammoth Cave National Park. It was only 5 miles away, and we wanted to take in everything while we were there. Any guesses as to what this picture is??? I won't bore you with a bunch of them, but this is inside one of the caves. This room is called the rotunda. It is enormous and the ceiling was perfectly round (hence the name). Mammoth Cave it the largest in the world with over 300 miles of cave systems. The second largest has only over 100 miles! We only went on a 2 mile tour.

Can you tell it was a long day. This picture was actually taken before they walked the 2 mile tour during what should have been nap time. They did great. Pipi fell asleep in the cave while Daddy Jim was carrying her. I then got the hand off for a while. I had to wake her up at one point because we were going down stairs, and the ceiling was so low there was no way to duck with her. For a short while in the cave we had to crouch way down to make it through. It was so low that Pipi could drag her hand along the ceiling! Then we had to walk through Fat Mans Misery...can you guess what that was?

I love this picture just because of the way J.J. is holding onto Daddy Jim's leg. He had a great time with him and they became buddies.

The boys counted when we were leaving the national forest and said they say 28 deer! They didn't seem too afraid of us either. I pulled right and stopped next to this one and it never moved!

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Olivia said...

I went to Mammoth cave when I was in youth a long time ago and had a blast. We did the night tour and went through fat mans misery and on the boats at the bottom with the blind fish! I know yall had so much fun!