Friday, April 30, 2010

Funny guy

Last night during dinner this sweet little angel face let out a HUGE man sized burp, and then started to laugh. Of course we had to giggle too, but then Jeff said

"Now what do you say J.J.?"

He looked up out of the corner of his eyes for a few seconds and then replied

"Ahh... it wasn't me???

You try not laughing at that!!!

This guy is always good for a laugh!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pipi and Lou ** best cousins**

These sweet girls don't get to see each other near enough, but when they do...they do it up right!

They were a non-stop ball of fun over spring break at Granna and Daddy Jim's house.

The kids talked up into filling up this little pool, and it was my bright idea to put it in the grass this time...well as you can tell it didn't take long to turn into a muddy mess, and the boys bailed out.

Pipi and Lou had a ball despite, and they were so much fun to photograph because they actually wanted their picture taken over and over and over again.

These pictures bring a smile to my face every time I see them!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Catching up part 3-Easter pictures

HAPPY EASTER...Yeah right!

This was my first attempt at pictures...can you say sun in our faces mom!!!

This one is a little better, but Pipi would not cooperate, so this was all I was able to get with her in it on Easter day. She had had enough between church, and egg hunts that she was in no mood for pictures.

Look how grownup this boy looks in his tie!

This boy loves animals, so we had to have a picture with Grits.

I know that I say this all the time, but couldn't you just gobble this little boy up...this was his first time wearing a tie!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching up part 2-EB visits

The Easter Bunny made a visit, and by L.C.'s request in a letter, he left a picture of himself. So for all of you who have been wondering what the EB looks like we've got it right here! As you can tell he wasn't too good with the camera!

Here are our goodies...there seemed to be a water theme this year...that silly rabbit!

Checkin' it all out...and eating as many sweets as possible because Easter morning is the only time that is allowed!

BoldOf course no Easter can go by without good ole FLARP. My kids informed me that the EB ALWAYS brings flarp...can't you tell what a hit it is!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Catching up part 1

Granna and the kids coloring Easter eggs!

Here are the results as taken by J.J.

Checking out the stash after the big egg hunt at the park in Huntsville.

Can you tell that I made the big boys take their picture with the Easter bunny??

I love J.J.'s face here. This was right before their age groups egg hunt. Notice the crowd in the background...that was (part of) the 5-8 age group waiting to go!

Just me and the kiddos after the egg hunt in downtown Huntsville.

Aunt Jamie took Pipi for her first pedicure. I didn't have my first until I was 28 and pregnant with L.C.! She really felt special and is now talking about when she gets her next one...thanks Jamie for creating a prissy beast!!

No...these legs don't belong to any of the kids...embarrassingly enough they are mine. I fell while doing a workout on the old track at a school. Not sure how it happened, but I think I slipped on the painted line (it had just finished raining) and my knee buckled and I went down before I could even think about it. I was only about 15 seconds into my timed run, so I was going pretty fast. I also scrapped both hands and my hip! Ouch!! I did however clean up and start all over...all in the name of crossfit!

Jamie and Ben had us over to a yummy dinner while we were in Huntsville. It sure would be nice to live closer to all of my sisters so we could do more of that. Here she is at 24 weeks...I'm thinking girl!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Aren't they so cute and fluffy. You can really tell the texture of their feathers in this picture.
Today we got to visit my friends farm to see the baby chicks they just got in. They were only 2 days old. They were not too fearful yet of people, so it was easy to pick them up.
J.J. was very cautious at first.
No-Bo wanted to fix all the ones who were doing to well.
I had never been in a chicken house, and did not imagine that many chickens in one place. There were about 1700 in each house. It was really hot in there to keep it the right temps for the birds. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I can't image what it looks like in 8 weeks when they are all grown!

Just imagine all the chirping from these little ones!

Here are our sweet friends that let us have chicken races...I don't think anyone won!