Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Aren't they so cute and fluffy. You can really tell the texture of their feathers in this picture.
Today we got to visit my friends farm to see the baby chicks they just got in. They were only 2 days old. They were not too fearful yet of people, so it was easy to pick them up.
J.J. was very cautious at first.
No-Bo wanted to fix all the ones who were doing to well.
I had never been in a chicken house, and did not imagine that many chickens in one place. There were about 1700 in each house. It was really hot in there to keep it the right temps for the birds. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I can't image what it looks like in 8 weeks when they are all grown!

Just imagine all the chirping from these little ones!

Here are our sweet friends that let us have chicken races...I don't think anyone won!


Garretts said...

how fun! I know I've already mentioned it but I love that family photo in your header. I think Pippy & J.J. are my favorites...imagining how hard they were trying to jump up really high! :)

Speaking of Pippy & J.J. I saw you guys walking down Demorest-Mt.Airy Rd last week...perhaps returning from the park? Hope you all had a blessed Easter. See you next week at MOPS.

Kristen said...

Love these pics - missed you guys at Easter this year.

Sarah said...

I was about to be so jealous b/c I want chickens so bad at home! They are really cute, and I'm so glad your kiddos had fun. It's so neat we live near places like that for our kids to enjoy.

our little family said...

sooo cute. little chicks are just too adorable. happy easter to your family!!! (ps...was it a little stinky in there?)

Kimberly said...

We had so much fun!! Such cute pictures. Ya'll are welcome anytime.