Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Please don't grow up!


Today is my first baby's Birthday! He is 8 years old and I can't believe it. Can't he just stay my little boy who still sleeps with blueberry?(I went to tuck him in and saw blueberry so I couldn't resist a picture) People always say time goes by so quickly with your little ones, and I am quickly beginning to believe them. Just to think how quickly the last eight years have gone by... and in eight more he will be in high school, driving, have a girlfriend, and want nothing to do with his parents...I hate to think about it!!! Hopefully he will stay the sweet little angel that he is. I could not ask for a better child!

This morning this precious boy came and cuddled with me in bed, and I told him the story about the day he was born. Two funny things...we had just gotten to movies and ordered popcorn when I realized my water broke...he was the only one who didn't ask if we got our money back when I told the story! The other (now) funny was right after I had this guy I was still in a lot of pain. Jeff asked me how we were spelling his middle name. I was in no mood to discuss, so I said "I don't care what you name him...just leave me alone!" He had is chance right then to use any name!!!!

Tonight we went to eat Mexican (His choice of course). After dinner they brought out this dessert and sang Happy Birthday (I guess, it was all in Spanish). Then this is what they do...

The man behind him puts is face in it!!! Last year he got to wear the Sombrero too.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Party central

This weekend L.C and No-bo decided that they wanted their Birthday party together this year. They had asked me several times. Even though their birthday's are only 2 weeks apart I have never tried to have their parties together. I wanted to make sure that they each had a very special celebration that was all about them. I also didn't want their birthday's to get pushed aside because of the Christmas rush. With that being said...it was awesome to get a 2 for 1 party deal! You know we like those 2 for 1 specials! We had a "Ben 10" theme. There was not a whole lot of party stuff out there for Ben 10 so I had to get real creative. See below.
Our homemade "Alien egg" pinatas. All that work just to be beaten apart!!

The great hunt for "Alien rocks"!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Kath!

Happy Birthday to my "baby" sister!!! She turned 26 today. We had a blast this summer with her at the beach. Katherine is the fun, adventurous , layed -back, relaxed sister. She lives in Dauphin Island...need I say more.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

5 already????

Today is my sweet No-Bo's Birthday. Could you not just eat him him. He has such a killer smile! Time passes too quickly with the little ones growing up. I keep thinking that one day I am going to wake up and they will all be grown up. I want to capture all the precious moments that I can.

** Side note...I was slack about blogging and didn't mention 2 very important birthdays. First my dads was on Thanksgiving day this year. He is over in Iraq right now, so he had to celebrate by himself. He has done wonderful things while in Iraq by helping local children get the school supplies they needed to start school (he had to leave the compound to deliver them which didn't please my mom). What a great dad and grandfather he is. The kids sure to love and miss their Daddy Jim! Thank you Dad for all the things you do for us. We love you and can't wait until your next visit!!!!

The other important birthday was Papa's. His birthday was on Friday. We had a chance to celebrate his and Grandma's Birthday over the weekend. It was nice to visit with everyone and a great start to our holiday season. Pipi sure has become a Papa's girl. We couldn't do all we do without you!!! You are such a great role model to all those around you, and of course the best carpenter we know! I can't wait to see what Santa has been working on in his shop this year! Thank you for being a wonderful Dad and Papa!!! We love you.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Wilson!

Grandma Wilson celebrates her 88th Birthday today. She is the such an amazing beautiful women. She still works at the YMCA taking care of the children that come in. She is definitely sharper than I am even at my best, and if you want to know ANYTHING go to Grandma...she is in the know it crowd!! Happy Birthday Grandma Wilson. We love you!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I can't believe that it is December already! Yesterday we made Advent chains and snowflakes. This is my CRAZY month! Right now I am busy planning both of the big boys Birthday's. I am excited because they decided (completely on their own) to have their party together. I try to make a special effort to make their Birthdays special so they don't get lost in the Christmas rush. It is usually completely exhausting. I have to do invites for No-Bo's party and then thank-you's and then do the same for L.C.'s party. This is all between getting my Christmas cards done and mailed, and shopping for the perfect presents. Hopefully having the party together will make this easier.

Okay so we get excited over a few flurries! It actually snowed on and off all day. The kids were super excited and had big plans to play and sled, but none of it stuck to the ground. They still had fun running around and dreaming about lots of snow. Let me just tell you that it took at least 30 minutes to get everyone dressed to go outside, and do you know how long they stayed out...10 minutes!!! I can't really blame then though. It is neat to look at, but there was nothing to do in the wet weather.

You can't even tell it is snowing in this picture! It really was coming down.

Didn't you just love the post below from my sweet husband. I think that I might leave the blogging to him. He is sure wittier (is that a word?) than I am! I love that he thought to take pictures all day thinking about the blog. He also forgot to mention that he came home fed them lunch, put them down for a nap, then took all four to the movies (the little ones have never been either) and then cooked them all dinner, cleaned up from dinner, and got them ready for bed...all before I got home!!! What more could a woman ask for??!!! Lucky me!