Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Please don't grow up!


Today is my first baby's Birthday! He is 8 years old and I can't believe it. Can't he just stay my little boy who still sleeps with blueberry?(I went to tuck him in and saw blueberry so I couldn't resist a picture) People always say time goes by so quickly with your little ones, and I am quickly beginning to believe them. Just to think how quickly the last eight years have gone by... and in eight more he will be in high school, driving, have a girlfriend, and want nothing to do with his parents...I hate to think about it!!! Hopefully he will stay the sweet little angel that he is. I could not ask for a better child!

This morning this precious boy came and cuddled with me in bed, and I told him the story about the day he was born. Two funny things...we had just gotten to movies and ordered popcorn when I realized my water broke...he was the only one who didn't ask if we got our money back when I told the story! The other (now) funny was right after I had this guy I was still in a lot of pain. Jeff asked me how we were spelling his middle name. I was in no mood to discuss, so I said "I don't care what you name him...just leave me alone!" He had is chance right then to use any name!!!!

Tonight we went to eat Mexican (His choice of course). After dinner they brought out this dessert and sang Happy Birthday (I guess, it was all in Spanish). Then this is what they do...

The man behind him puts is face in it!!! Last year he got to wear the Sombrero too.


Garretts said...

aww...sweet post, Carolyn. I'm crying thinking of little Jack speeding off with his girlfriend in about 15 years!
LC is such a sweetie. I loved watching him at the retirement home. He was such a great example for the little kids.

Anonymous said...

He is my sweet boy #1. I love you Luke. Granna