Tuesday, December 9, 2008

5 already????

Today is my sweet No-Bo's Birthday. Could you not just eat him him. He has such a killer smile! Time passes too quickly with the little ones growing up. I keep thinking that one day I am going to wake up and they will all be grown up. I want to capture all the precious moments that I can.

** Side note...I was slack about blogging and didn't mention 2 very important birthdays. First my dads was on Thanksgiving day this year. He is over in Iraq right now, so he had to celebrate by himself. He has done wonderful things while in Iraq by helping local children get the school supplies they needed to start school (he had to leave the compound to deliver them which didn't please my mom). What a great dad and grandfather he is. The kids sure to love and miss their Daddy Jim! Thank you Dad for all the things you do for us. We love you and can't wait until your next visit!!!!

The other important birthday was Papa's. His birthday was on Friday. We had a chance to celebrate his and Grandma's Birthday over the weekend. It was nice to visit with everyone and a great start to our holiday season. Pipi sure has become a Papa's girl. We couldn't do all we do without you!!! You are such a great role model to all those around you, and of course the best carpenter we know! I can't wait to see what Santa has been working on in his shop this year! Thank you for being a wonderful Dad and Papa!!! We love you.



Garretts said...

oh, gosh! five seems so far away, but i know it's coming eventually. thank goodness we're doing all this fun stuff to make the journey more memorable!

Merideth said...

I gotta say the part about your baby turning 5 made me tear up a bit. Where does the time go? He does have a killer smile- what a cutie!