Sunday, September 21, 2008



In March of this year I was going to get my hair cut in a cute short cut that I had seen. Then I decided since my hair was already pretty long, I would just grow it a little more and donate it. It took a few more months than I had hoped, and there were several times when I was ready to just cut it all off. Well 6 months later it was finally long enough. I was nervous at first when I made the appointment. Isn't it funny how we can get so attached to something as silly as hair. I didn't even like it anymore, and it was driving me crazy being so long. Yet I was still a little apprehensive about getting it cut short.

I look like a totally different person! It is really short, but I think I am starting to get used to it and like it! I have 12.5 inches to donate!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Catching up

Well it has been such a long time since my last blog! I have been so incredibly busy the last couple of weeks, but then it hit me, when am I not busy. I have had several people say you need to update your blog, and I would always say "I know, I have just been so busy lately I haven't had time!" Then I started thinking about people and time and now I have this new quote that I have "invented"...YOU HAVE ONLY AS MUCH TIME AS YOU MAKE TIME FOR! I think it is a great one. We all hear about people not having time to do this or that, but it just comes down to if they make the time to do it. I guess that is why I am sitting here writing this at 12:30 at night. I finally stopped making excuses and made the time!

Enough with the ramble. This is some of what we have been into these last couple of weeks!
Isn't this little thing so cute. It is only a few days old here, and can't even open its eyes. Unfortunately there is not only one of these, but...........
............4 total little kittens. So now we have to little puppies (yes, I think we are keeping them), 2 cats, 4 kittens ( they will be ready in a few more weeks if anyone needs a new friend) , and 2 fish. Are we crazy or what! Oh and remember all of this with 4 cute kids

This is what has really taken up my time. This is Sweet Repeats. It only happens twice a year, and last just a weekend, but man it takes a lot of time to get to what you see in this picture. I had around 90 people consigning with me this time which is absolutely my limit! There was a ton of stuff as if you couldn't tell. Now I am busy adding up the tickets so I can get checks in the mail!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I always tuck the kids in at night. Here is what I found tonight. L.C. had fallen asleep reading. Apparently he had gotten tired of his fan, which he put on his bed, blowing in his face. Such good reading material. This is actually one of my favorite books!