Sunday, September 21, 2008



In March of this year I was going to get my hair cut in a cute short cut that I had seen. Then I decided since my hair was already pretty long, I would just grow it a little more and donate it. It took a few more months than I had hoped, and there were several times when I was ready to just cut it all off. Well 6 months later it was finally long enough. I was nervous at first when I made the appointment. Isn't it funny how we can get so attached to something as silly as hair. I didn't even like it anymore, and it was driving me crazy being so long. Yet I was still a little apprehensive about getting it cut short.

I look like a totally different person! It is really short, but I think I am starting to get used to it and like it! I have 12.5 inches to donate!!!!


jlindsey said...

very cute!

candice said...

Wow I love it!! I don't think I have ever seen you with short hair. It looks great.

Garretts said...

love it. hope you do too!

Katherine said...

man, your hair is short. I agree with Candice I have never seen it this short. Its cute. It looks like it has a lot of volume.

the warbingtons said...

So cute!! You are one of those lucky girls that looks great with long or short hair!