Saturday, October 4, 2008 laundry and mess!

This is what I have been dealing with since the consignment sale was over. Whenever I decided to take on any other project other than daily household chores everything falls apart. I have been doing laundry like a mad women and still can not catch up. Notice the 3 baskets that had yet to be folded, and I dare not mention the loads in the washer and dryer, or the 5 more that need to be done! It doesn't help that we are experiencing all different types of weather, so I am trying to get all the fall clothes washed as well.

The playroom is another story. I do have to admit that part of the mess is my fault because I dumped out all the baskets to use them at the sale. I did try to contain the mess in plastic bags and make the room off limits until I could return the baskets. That obviously didn't work long. Needless to say everything spirals from there. I have to spend a whole day cleaning this and then you know the rest...I fall behind on everything else. You don't know how many times I say "If I could only catch up, I could maintain." We'll see if that ever happens. I will have to keep you posted!!!

Oh yeah, and did I mention that Luke started playing soccer this season...and I am the coach!!! We put off playing organized sports as long as possible to keep from having to run around every night of the week. He is a natural player and really loves it. He plays with such determination and energy. It is fun to get back into coaching again, and will be good practice for me since I will be helping out girls soccer team out at the high school this year!


Garretts said...

Wow, Carolyn...that is a lot of laundry! I bet it has been tough with the changing seasons to keep up with laundry for 4 little ones not to mention you and Jeff.
Hope to see you this Friday.

the warbingtons said...
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the warbingtons said...

I didn't know you are going to help with the high school soccer team...there's a new Coach Wilson in the family!!