Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flower art

I had to get a picture of these amazing flowers that have taken over a part of our flower bed. I think that I planted a couple of plants last year and this is what came up this year. I was so excited because what I like best about spring is...all your perennials start coming up. I didn't even remember these were there, so this is a nice surprise for fall.

Look how tightly these are bunched together. Of course with not a whole lot new blooming right now, every flying critter was on these flowers.

These two pictures above come from my budding artist L.C. He wanted his turn with the camera, so I handed it to him and walked inside. I think he did a great job. I love the angle of the butterfly on the first one. Usually we focus on the colorful wings, but here you can see how fuzzy it is. This last picture is my favorite though, but maybe it is because he told me how he took it. He said that he laid down on the ground to make it look different. I love the blue sky, and the sun shining through the flowers. Maybe I should leave all the photography to him!


Kelly said...

I absolutely love this picture of the flower with the butterfly!

Garretts said...

love the flowers and your little photographer in the making!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Fave better look out, she may have some up and coming competition. granna

Katherine said...

maybe we should all leave the photography to Luke. He did great!!!