Sunday, October 26, 2008

My No-Bo

This afternoon I wanted to take the kids to a fall festival. After church and brunch at a friends house the little ones were wiped out, so they took a nap. L.C. decided that he did not want to go (he is such a homebody). We tried to talk him into it, but he insisted on staying home. No-Bo finally said "Let's just go without him mom. That way just you and I can hang out!" I am so glad that we did to. I seldom get to take the kids places individually. We usually split them up and take either the older two or the younger two. It was so nice to be with my little boy and see him enjoy himself. He was the one who got to make all the decisions as to what game or activity we did. Notice the level of concentration on his face doing the fishing game (for the 10th time). A lot of times he is overshadowed by his big brother, or limited by the younger two. What a great afternoon - thanks my dear No-Bo!!!!!

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jlindsey said...

we need that costume!