Thursday, April 30, 2009

Only Catholics...

...would take a class of 2nd graders (first communion class) on a field trip to a winery to see how wine is made!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Erskine Alumni day

Sat. we traveled to the big town of Due West for Alumni day. It was also my 15 year reunion...that makes me sound a lot older than I am right? I also got to play in an alumni soccer game with some of my old teammates Holly and Amy. It was fun to be back and brought back lots of great memories. I sure enjoyed playing even though it was scorching and my body just doesn't move the same. It is always great to catch up with old (oops did I say old) friends. Who knows maybe I will be in shape for the next alumni game!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You can't see me

I love the innocence of little kids. J.J. thought that because he couldn't see me, I couldn't see him. I have always wondered how I got such a sweet I know the secret!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

P.C. fun

Back in action and not missing a beat. Jeff is really enjoying be back to P.C. and coaching. They had their spring game Sat., and we went for the day. They had lots of activities for the kids, and it was a perfect day for it.

Pipi and her Papa. She sure adores him!

Broken foot...what broken foot?! I hope the Dr. really meant it when he said he could run and jump just like normal!

Almost there! I think he could have made it to the top if his legs weren't sore from the mile run that he smoked everyone at school in!

Are we in trouble in a few years or what...just look at this girl.

I like to title this one sledding in the south! I could swallow this kid whole...he is too cute. I love the "no hands"! We will spend most of our time during games doing this!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Very, very random

Today as random thoughts pop in my head or crazy happenings in our daily life, I am going to try to post about them. So here goes the first:

Why in the world is it so much fun to unroll the toilet paper? There was a trail through the house, so this was after I gathered it up...I knew that laughter meant they were having too much fun!

This little girl is something else! My favorite thing right now that she says is "tinished". She uses that word all the time, and I just giggle every time I hear it. Most of the time it is when I get THE call..."Mommy, I'm tinished" I usually make her say it again just to hear it. For all of you who need the translation...finished!

Why do these things insist on hanging out in my bathroom. I swear that there is a family of them because they come out in all sizes. I think Jeff stepped on the daddy on night, and Pipi got one of the little ones. They will come out for a few minutes and then go away. (Sorry Lindsey, I know this is grossing you out!)

This little guy has is incredibly funny. He is always doing and saying things to get us to laugh. Tonight when I got him out of the bath and was drying him off he said "Mommy do you like to fight potatoes?" Talk about completely random...he laughed and then I laughed...I think that was all he was looking for...I sure could squeeze him up!!!!!

Two things that I have really grown to despise (but not limited to just these)
1.changing out clothes for the season x4...this takes weeks to do and makes such a mess.
2. NO MORE EASTER GRASS...this stuff is all over our house!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a break!

No-Bo has a broken foot, and I am a horrible mother for not taking him to the Dr. sooner! He actually hurt it Thurs. night before spring break, and I was going to take him that Fri. to get an x-ray, but Jeff and I thought we would wait until I got back from my Huntsville trip to see if it got any better. Well it didn't. He did get good at walking on the outside of his foot, and was even able to run. We took him this past Thurs. for the x-ray, and finally today saw an Orthopedic. He said that there was fracture in one of the bones on the top of his foot. The good news is he should only have to wear this "boot" for about 3 weeks (Jamie do you think it will go with the wedding attire...maybe we could outfit all the boys with one!). He thinks because it comes off that he can take it off when he is not walking on it, so I have to get him used to being in it at all times.

** I was going to take a picture of him today in it, and forgot. When I downloaded pictures I found this one. I think that J.J. took it before I caught him with my camera...thanks little man!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny caught in the action

For all of you who have ever doubted...there is an Easter bunny (okay I might get in trouble for posting this picture). Isn't he sweet hiding eggs for the 10th time!

Happy Easter! We had a great one with many egg hunts and Easter surprises.