Friday, April 17, 2009

Very, very random

Today as random thoughts pop in my head or crazy happenings in our daily life, I am going to try to post about them. So here goes the first:

Why in the world is it so much fun to unroll the toilet paper? There was a trail through the house, so this was after I gathered it up...I knew that laughter meant they were having too much fun!

This little girl is something else! My favorite thing right now that she says is "tinished". She uses that word all the time, and I just giggle every time I hear it. Most of the time it is when I get THE call..."Mommy, I'm tinished" I usually make her say it again just to hear it. For all of you who need the translation...finished!

Why do these things insist on hanging out in my bathroom. I swear that there is a family of them because they come out in all sizes. I think Jeff stepped on the daddy on night, and Pipi got one of the little ones. They will come out for a few minutes and then go away. (Sorry Lindsey, I know this is grossing you out!)

This little guy has is incredibly funny. He is always doing and saying things to get us to laugh. Tonight when I got him out of the bath and was drying him off he said "Mommy do you like to fight potatoes?" Talk about completely random...he laughed and then I laughed...I think that was all he was looking for...I sure could squeeze him up!!!!!

Two things that I have really grown to despise (but not limited to just these)
1.changing out clothes for the season x4...this takes weeks to do and makes such a mess.
2. NO MORE EASTER GRASS...this stuff is all over our house!


Katherine said...

As soon as I saw the slug picture, all I couold think about is how grossed out Lindsey will be.

jlindsey said...

Why? Why? Why didn't you put a warning at the top of this post? Just as I was putting a spoonful of lunch in my mouth I scrolled past this...why? why? Why?

Carolyn said...

Sorry sister...consider it a diet plan. Just open this blog before you eat!