Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a break!

No-Bo has a broken foot, and I am a horrible mother for not taking him to the Dr. sooner! He actually hurt it Thurs. night before spring break, and I was going to take him that Fri. to get an x-ray, but Jeff and I thought we would wait until I got back from my Huntsville trip to see if it got any better. Well it didn't. He did get good at walking on the outside of his foot, and was even able to run. We took him this past Thurs. for the x-ray, and finally today saw an Orthopedic. He said that there was fracture in one of the bones on the top of his foot. The good news is he should only have to wear this "boot" for about 3 weeks (Jamie do you think it will go with the wedding attire...maybe we could outfit all the boys with one!). He thinks because it comes off that he can take it off when he is not walking on it, so I have to get him used to being in it at all times.

** I was going to take a picture of him today in it, and forgot. When I downloaded pictures I found this one. I think that J.J. took it before I caught him with my camera...thanks little man!


jlindsey said...

Poor baby!!

Jamie said...

Noah will look cute walking down the aisle no matter what he is wearing. Poor thing. He will probably get good at running with the cast on.

Garretts said...

so sorry to hear about the broken foot. at least he has another foot, right?
oh, and that's a pretty good photo by a 2-year-old.