Monday, December 1, 2008


I can't believe that it is December already! Yesterday we made Advent chains and snowflakes. This is my CRAZY month! Right now I am busy planning both of the big boys Birthday's. I am excited because they decided (completely on their own) to have their party together. I try to make a special effort to make their Birthdays special so they don't get lost in the Christmas rush. It is usually completely exhausting. I have to do invites for No-Bo's party and then thank-you's and then do the same for L.C.'s party. This is all between getting my Christmas cards done and mailed, and shopping for the perfect presents. Hopefully having the party together will make this easier.

Okay so we get excited over a few flurries! It actually snowed on and off all day. The kids were super excited and had big plans to play and sled, but none of it stuck to the ground. They still had fun running around and dreaming about lots of snow. Let me just tell you that it took at least 30 minutes to get everyone dressed to go outside, and do you know how long they stayed out...10 minutes!!! I can't really blame then though. It is neat to look at, but there was nothing to do in the wet weather.

You can't even tell it is snowing in this picture! It really was coming down.

Didn't you just love the post below from my sweet husband. I think that I might leave the blogging to him. He is sure wittier (is that a word?) than I am! I love that he thought to take pictures all day thinking about the blog. He also forgot to mention that he came home fed them lunch, put them down for a nap, then took all four to the movies (the little ones have never been either) and then cooked them all dinner, cleaned up from dinner, and got them ready for bed...all before I got home!!! What more could a woman ask for??!!! Lucky me!

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Garretts said...

we loved the snow too even though there is even less a 1 year old can do in it!

I loved Jeff's entry too. I hope he gets hooked on the blogging. It was neat to read for sure.