Sunday, March 21, 2010

On his own terms

My sweet boy finally decided to that he wanted to learn how to ride his bicycle.
He asked Jeff to take the training wheels off, and 10 minutes later he was riding his bike!

I think this is how this child works...he has to decide he wants to do something before he will be successful. I am hoping that he will do this SOON with his reading before I pull all my hair out!

He wanted me to make a video of him riding like his Aunt Fav. did for her son, but this is all I was able to do. He wanted the music and all, and he said that I could just sing the song..." I want to ride my bicycle" just hum that tune while watching the video!

***Here is the new and improved video with many thanks to Aunt Fav. and her awesome abilities we now have music added! Here's to my little boy!


dmw212 said...

GOOD JOB, NO-NO, ON RIDING YOUR BIKE (through an obstacle course, no less!)> Now get started on that reading!! You will find out it is a lot like riding a bike... and next thing you know, you'll be reading up a storm. We are proud of you N & P

Jamie said...

He is a sweet boy. He is a pro already on riding his bike. I love that he wanted a video and music like Aunt Fav. Hope to see you and the children real soon.

jlindsey said...

you could EASILY add that music to your video via iMovie... call me & I'll help you!

Anonymous said...

I think he has been riding a long time, it sure did look like he was a pro. Love you so muh