Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Santa is already in town!

It looks like Christmas is coming early this year. Saturday we went to the Christmas bizarre in town. They had all kind of crafts and foods, and they also had all these bouncy, jumpy, slide things for the kids to play on. This picture is kind of blurry because there is so much action going on, but I love the pure happiness laughter look on Pipi's face! The kids were so excited about seeing Santa especially J.J. who really doesn't understand "Santa". We took a peak when we first got there. While we were walking around, all that J.J. kept saying was he wanted to go see Santa. We finally took him and sat on his lap. No-Bo was probably the most anxious about it, and didn't want to at first. Check out the picture below. No Santa was not drunk...I asked everybody to make a funny face which usually I have to tell them not to. Nobody really participated, but Santa is kind of making a face. I think LC's look is funny!


the warbingtons said...

How funny!! This was the same Santa that we saw at the newspaper office 2 years ago--we also have a drunk photo of him (actually our photo even looks like drugs may have been involved as well)!! We almost used it as our Christmas card that year. We laugh at it every Christmas when we post it on our bulletin board!!!

Garretts said...

i love the look on pipi's face too! looks like fun was had!