Friday, June 12, 2009

Yeah for summer!

Well I am finally getting around to updating. I don't know why I dread posting when I haven't done it for a while, but I do. As usual there is a lot going on in the Wilson household. Jeff and I have decided that summer is great. I mean what is better than sleeping in (8am is sleeping in right?), exercising every day, being able to take walks until 9:30 because it is still light out, swimming, visiting family, working in the yard, strawberry picking, going to the park, playing tennis and so on and so on. We are enjoying it all right now!

Guess where the water kept hitting them? Crazy boys...right now they can laugh about it!

Since the big boys both have their Birthdays in December we decided several years ago to celebrate their 1/2 Birthdays as well. There is always something that they would like to have during the rest of the year, but always have to wait until their B'day or Christmas which happens to be almost at the same time. They usually get to pick out something that they have been wanting, and we make them feel special for the day. I think we are in trouble though because we will have to start doing it with the twins before too long, and their 1/2 Birthday falls right during the holiday crazy time of year that we were trying to work around in the first place!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for finally updating!!
I think Noah hair looks great, does he like it?
Happy half Birthday big boys. Granna hasn't forgotten