Friday, July 24, 2009

More from Dauphin Island

I know, I know, more pictures from our trip. We just took so many that I have to share. There will be another round coming just to let you know, but hey this blog is about us, so I can post whatever I want! I can't believe that there are only two more weeks until school starts! We have two more trips planned before then!

Mom AKA Granna was able to come down to Dauphin Island and spend some time with us. We went to the beach all day and played in the water. These kids sure do love her being around...not that she spoils them!



Yum, Yum! Jeff (JT) cooked us yet another feast this night. We also had some more of the fresh fish. His sweet parents joined us as well.


Anonymous said...

It was a fun time. I enjoyed our little private beach eventhough we hiked six miles to get there!!
Yes the food was yummy, I keep thinking about those little fried snapper.

Katherine said...

mmmm, those crabs sure do look yummy. I think I am going to have to boil some more.