Thursday, August 6, 2009


We had a chance to go to Edisto for one last whoo-rahh before school started. One of my college roommates called and said that nobody had rented out their house for the week, and she wanted to know if we would like to go. There was no hesitation on my part!!! Jeff had football camp that week, so the kids and I packed up and took off. If you have never been to Edisto you are missing out. It is such a neat non-commercialized beach. There are no chain restaurants, high rises, or crowds. It was so much fun and the kids had such a great time. There were 6 little boys and then Pipi. I had so many great pictures that I had a hard time deciding which ones to use, so there are a lot of pictures below!

That's some serious crabbing! We caught about 10 crabs that we kept, and just as many hermit crabs.

L.C. got started catching the crabs by just using the net. This part of Edisto is on a private beach, so there are so many seashells, sharks teeth and other fossils. The waterway behind L.C in this picture leads out to the ocean. When the tide is going out you can ride in the water like a lazy river and then the tide changes and it pulls you back.

Check out this Stone crab. Its claw was the biggest that I had ever seen. Notice in the picture below the size in relation to L.C.'s hand!

One of my torture picture sessions. They did pretty good (with a little bribery at least).

We watched the sunset almost every night after dinner. Here it was at a friends house who lives on the marsh. She has a super long dock that leads out to the water.

Jumping has never been so much fun.
Another sunset! Look at poor Pipi standing away from all those boys. We will have to recruit some little girls for the next trip.

One day the older boys and I walked way down the beach. On the return walk back we got hot and decided to get into the water. No-Bo was the first to find one of these sand dollars. It was so cool because we were sitting in the water just pulling them out of the sand with little effort. I think we found about 12.
See I did go to the beach too...there are hardly ever any pictures of me because I am always behind the camera. (Another sunset)

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Cathay said...

Carolyn, These are awesome pics!! I always love to see what you post. I never tire of looking at those precious children. You are one outstanding photographer!!!