Friday, November 12, 2010

Kelli and Jay get hitched!

I am again soooo far behind blogging that I am now getting harassed about it, and I was even told that I was fired because my sister was posting pictures of my kids before me! My sweet husband finally (so it is ALL is fault) cleaned the computer off for me so that I could upload more pictures, so now I am back in business!

Kelli and Jay had a beautiful wedding Sept. 25th. The weather was perfect, she looked perfect, the atmosphere was perfect, as was the food and music!

These 3 cuties were in the wedding. Do you just love Lynnlee (cousin) looking at J.J. She is just too cute! They are all fun to watch together.

My big boy is so handsome with all those freckles!

I LOVE this picture of Pipi! It is so her...I think she was just squinting, but it sure turned out cute.

For some reason I didn't get any pictures of J.J. by himself, but this one sure is cute of these boys. No-bo looked so big in his tie! I could just squeeze them both to pieces!

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Jamie said...

those dresses and bow ties look familiar! Glad they were put to good use. sweet pictures