Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My little carpenter

So the other day I was inside doing some things and I heard all this hammering going on outside.  I knew that the little ones were out there, but I just went about my business (I know I am a bad mother for not checking, but that is what happens to the 3rd and 4th child...you lighten up quite a bit).  A little while later J.J. came inside and said he made something he wanted me to see! 

Don't you just love it!  It made my heart melt when he said "Look Mom, I made a cross."  I love this boy more that words and tell!!!  I sure hope that he takes after his Papa and his woodworking!


Wilson Falls Natural Art said...

Looks like I'll have a good helper to carry on. Great work Jonah!!!!!!!!!

black tag diaries said...

this is so sweet... and impressive!

ps... deal on trading birthday party planning for decorating services;)

April said...

i love this! you def need to find a place for this to hang in your house.