Friday, October 28, 2011

A boy, a book, and a big heart!

Here's a good story about this sweet little boy!  First of all let me tell you that I fall in love with him all over again every day!  Just look at the face.

A couple of weeks ago his class went to the library to check out a book.  J.J. had forgotten to bring his in that day, but looked around anyway.  He found a book that he wanted, and the library assistant said she would put it behind the counter for him until he brought his book back.  

The next week he walked into the library, turned in his book, and looked around.  The assistant saw him and asked if he still wanted to get the book he picked out last time.  His shy little self just shook his head yes.  


Well this sweet little angel checked out this book for his princess loving twin sister!!!  Remember they can only check out one book!  When I heard this story my heart just melted.  This boy is such a precious gift, and oh how he loves his sister!!!  All I have to say is watch out boys you will have to get past J.J. first!


Rhonda said...

thanks for sharing this story....grabs your heart and makes you want to give that boy a great big hug!

Anonymous said...

Makes me almost cry! Mom

Garretts said...

such sweetness.