Saturday, January 28, 2012

Boy vs. Wild

For NoBo's 8th Birthday we had a Boy vs. Wild survival party.  It was kind of a last minute theme, but it turned out great and was a perfect theme for little boys!  Notice the Eagles nest and "eggs".

Here are some of the decorations. 

Of Course you can't go without survival juice or water!
The kids are getting their survival kits, and taught how to use them.

"Hunting" for food.  


Learning how to start a fire without matches.

NoBo and his good friend sitting around the fire.

We had to have a dirt cake being out in the wild and all!  Complete with rocks and deer droppings!


Wilson Falls Natural Art said...

This party looks like great fun!! We are so proud of our No Bo....and the rest of the Wilson Zoo! Papa & Nana

jlindsey said...

too fun!! Good job as always!

twarbington said...

Cannot believe that he is 8!!! Time flies!! Another cute birthday party!!

Katie said...

Wow! That looks like great fun! You definitely have a "gift" for such fun things!! :-)

Garretts said...

love it! you did good. if that's last are a pro!!