Friday, August 24, 2012

Warrior Dash take 3

 This was our 3rd year competing in the Warrior Dash, and we finally convinced some friends to join us who invited some other friends which turned into a group of us!  We had a great time, and decided that this was the hardest course yet.  They have gotten more challenging each year, and this year they put the mud pit as the very last obstacle.  Needless to say everyone was covered at the end of the race!!!

The mud pit at the very end of the race!

Us before the race

Us after the race!

I love finding out my race statistics so here goes:  I was 507th overall (men and women) out of the 5782 that competed.  I finished 12th in my age group out of 914!!!  I was disappointed that they clumped age groups together this year.  That put me in the 30-39 yrs group which meant that I was the oldest!  I guess one good thing about getting older is that next year I will be the youngest!!   Jeff did great as well.  He finished 217th/5782 and 19th/536.  We have lots of fun doing this and hope to have an even bigger group next year!!!

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