Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Friends

Meet "Baby Kitten" as we like to call her. About a month ago our cat Lena had a baby kitten. That's right just one. I think that I got home right after Lena had her in our garage, and I keep looking and waiting for more to come. Cody was right there in the garage with her, and at one point he went over and laid down beside her and put his paw across her belly like he was protecting her (I love that dog)! We weren't even positive she was pregnant until she had this kitten! Lena isn't even a year old herself. Anyway we have not officially decided to keep her, and have not come up with a name. She is just precious though, and I am not even a cat person.

Our other new friend is this crazy butterfly. I was mowing the grass yesterday, and this butterfly keep landing on me. It landed on my hand and stayed there while I went down and back in the yard. I then walk over to our front door and yelled for L.C. and No-Bo to come and look. We were able to get the butterfly from my hand to L.C.'s, then it flew up to his ear for a while. I took several pictures. It finally had enough when we tried to get it to No-Bo's hand. It did however land back on me when I went back to mowing. I guess that I am the sweetest!

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