Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dauphin Island-day 1

Yeah, we made it to Dauphin Island. We are planning on spending a week here with my youngest sister. It only took us @#$%^^&*@# hours to get there. No, really it was not too bad. We left at 6 am, so we beat the Atlanta traffic and sailed through the rest of the way. The kids were great. When we got to Aunt Katherines we had to walk down to the bay right away which she practically lives on. The boys played in the mud which I later found out after ruining several shirts that it does not come out!!!! We had a ball all week playing here. L.C. caught 4 shrimp in the shallow water. Two of which he just plucked right out of the water. This is the bay where we also went soft shell crabbing at night. The boys (okay and me) were hooked on it. We would go out at night during low tide with these big lights and look for crabs that had shed their shells. There is a short window of opportunity when their entire bodies are soft while they are growing a new one. These are the ones that you pick up. It is so cool (and kind of sad) that they can not pinch you because they are so soft. They say that people pay a lot of money for these. I don't even like crab, but I love the hunt. We got 27 the first night we went out. That turned out to be the best night. One of the nights Katherine and I went out by ourselves. She scooped up one that she was sure was soft. I felt it and said "no it is hard as can be" she said "Are you sure?" Being a dummy, I felt just to be sure, and that sucker drew blood. Thanks for that sister!
This is what we named Hermit Crab Island. All of those shells that you see are hermit crabs. They had a ball gathering them up and letting them go. We went here to watch Captain Jeff's (Kath's boyfriend) boat come in from a fishing trip.
Here is what he brought in. J.J. was enthralled with all the fish and immediately tried to pick one up.

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Katherine said...

sorry about the crab that pinched you. I had such a good time with ya'll down here. I can't wait for ya'll to return. Love you!!!