Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday's Edisto adventure

I told you he was an awesome big brother!

Tuesday we took everyone out early on the beach. We walked down to the point which is on the sound and there are a lot of good treasures there to be found. I had my head down looking at shells when I heard Pipi say "Look mom, look mom a shark." I turned around and she had this baby shark with her hands wrapped all the way around its belly. I of course kind of freaked because I knew that she was playing in one of the tidal pools and had no idea where it had came from. I yelled for her to put it down which I think startled her. We quickly found out that it wasn't alive and found 5 more washed up. We also found a sting ray, spider crabs, blue crabs, fish, and some more horse shoe crabs"stuck together".

Can you just imagine keeping up with all these shoes?

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