Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh that girl...

...what are we going to do? She is something else. I think by far the most challenging of all 4 so far. She is so dang cute though, and lately she has been making all these funny faces to get me to laugh. She likes to do it when she is in bed and I am singing her a song (probably the singing causing the faces). This has been a real cute age with the twins. They are so precious to watch together. Oh and listening to their conversations is a hoot.

Here are some of the things that Pipi says right now that are just too cute:
** I wuv you (obviously I love you, but so cute to hear her say this way)

** Oilet taper (this one cracks me up every is toilet paper)

** dinger, dinger (she made this up on her own one day, and uses it in many ways. One day she was calling JJ a bad boy and I told her that wasn't nice and not to say it. She looked at me and said " I won't say it anymore, but he is a dinger, dinger!")

** Up me please (no, this is not profane talk, this means she wants me to hold her)

** Mr. Gibby (this is the guy who worked on our Volvo, and for some reason she likes to say his name in a funny way. Sometimes she even says "I'm Mr. Gibby" or "Mr. Gibby has a girlfriend". this is probably one of those things you have to hear her say to truly appreciate the funny in it!

** Your welcome (yes she is polite, but she says this all the time. Anytime you compliment her on something she has done she says "your welcome". I do think that a lot of people forget to say this, but she is over board)

** I want something my drink ( translation - can I have a drink. She could say this the right way, but has gotten stuck saying it this way).

Okay, one last thing while I'm on a roll tonight about my sweet girl. Today we were driving and here was the conversation that we had:

Pipi: Mommy

Me: Yes

Pipi: You know what?

Me: What?

Pipi: Guess what?

Me: What is it?

Pipi: I wuv you!

** Could you ask for anything more!!!!!


jlindsey said...

she's a cutie!

Garretts said...

precious! i love the "dinger dinger." i made up something similar when i was young. i went around calling everyone "you old po-dee." my parents still laugh about it!

Katherine said...

she is so cute!!!!