Friday, January 30, 2009

Big News!!!

For those of you who have not already heard the news first of all let me start by saying, No, we are not having another baby (you hear that sister...don't spread those rumors). The news is that Jeff has been offered a job coaching football at Presbyterian College! This is where we lived before we moved to Georgia. He had coached there for about 7 years before getting into high school coaching. We are excited, nervous, happy, sad, and all those other emotions that go along with uprooting your family and moving to another state. Jeff is supper excited about getting back into college coaching especially after taking this past year off. He starts in a couple of weeks, but we will not move down there until the end of the school year. It will suck during the week being a single mom, but we will make it work. Just pray that our house sells (any takers???)! Everything has fallen into place so far, so it really does feel like the right thing.

Look for the Blue Hose to take on Clemson in 2010 in Death Valley (a brutal beating at best)!

Go Blue Hose!!!!!


Kristen said...

Congrats to Jeff and the family! We will certainly keep you guys in our prayers during this big transition, but we are very excited for you all. -Kristen

Garretts said...

I had heard the news and am super excited for Jeff & the rest of the family. I know the saying is if mama's happy, but mama's happier when daddy is happy. So, if going back to the field is his should be a blessing for you all.

We will surely miss you all. I hope we can do lots of fun stuff before the summer comes and you guys head back to the Palmetto state. I will be praying the house sale goes quickly and smoothly. See you soon!

Sarah said...

While I will be sad to see you all go, I am very excited for your family! I will be praying that all of your moving stuff goes well!

Debbie said...

Congratulations, but I am sure am sad to hear it! I knew something was going on when I saw the resignation notice in the paper under school news. Checked the blog for the update and sure enough, my fear was confirmed! We'll miss you guys.