Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Princess bed!

This is the Princess!

This is the bed!!

That is almost bigger that she is!!

Doesn't she look so tiny. This weekend Pipi finally got to sleep in her Princess bed (thanks again to Papa for making side rails that match perfectly and painting it, and then the home delivery). She has been so excited about sleeping in this bed. Of course, I have been sad about taking down the cribs...this means that we don't have babies anymore. We have had a crib up for the last 8 years!!! I guess we will move on with big kids, but I will sure miss that baby stage. I am counting on my younger sisters for my baby fix!


Jamie said...

I love the first picture of Riley. Her looks are changing everyday. What a beautiful bed Papa made. I am jealous.
I don't see the side rails you are talking about??

the warbingtons said...

The bed looks great! I want to see it in person...