Thursday, September 3, 2009


We were finally able to harvest the first thing from our garden that we planted this summer. I know it doesn't look to impressive, but at least these survived. Nothing else that we planted is producing, and most of it died. It might have helped if we had been home more this summer to tend to it, or if we had kept it watered regularly, or fertilized it with manure or something like that. I do think I finally figured out what the problem is...squash bugs! I read about them on line yesterday. We have pumpkin plants all over that start out great, produce a small fruit and then die, so I went online yesterday to find out why. It seems like I would have done that sooner. Anyway we picked this one little tomato yesterday, and I used it to make a guacamole dip! I think we will have a couple more ripen soon. Oh well, I guess I can say that I grew all organic vegetables!

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DaddyJim said...

There is always next year for your next garden. I must say that tomatoe would look good between two pieces of bread.