Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bottle up

I just wish that I could bottle up days like this!

Or my sweet little babies...I just love the innocence that they still have! I don't want them to grow up!

Or the smell and taste of homemade pizza...YUM, YUM, YUM!



Ron Wilson said...

I think I would bottle up the smiles and laughs that Little A. makes.

Ron Wilson said...

Oh and the sleepy times when he just lays his head on my shoulder.

Carolyn said...

Thanks Ron for playing in my games...I agree with you...those babies are the sweetest!

the hill family said...

hmmm...i think i'd bottle up the way davis' cheeks smell. loved the pic. of your two cuties cheek to cheek and the pizza looks yummy!

dmw212 said...

Carolyn, the pictures and the messages are precious. We should all be thankful for the little things in life. A bottle wouldn't be big enough for all the things I love. (We love your blog,too, it keeps us in the loop)