Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ice Box

So I have been helping L.C. with his science project this week. He had to create a box that would keep/slow down a piece of ice from melting. They are going to have a competition in class on Friday. We have tried very hard to let him do most of it on his own, and come up with his own ideas. You all know how painstakingly hard this is...right??? I would throw a few suggestions out here and there about improvements and such. Well yesterday he finally said to me "Mom, I don't have to win to get an "A" ". All I could do was laugh. Oh the wisdom of an 8 year old! Again for those of you who know me know how much I like competition and I LIKE TO WIN!

Speaking of winning (not to rub it in) I must mention that my good friend Heather in Japan said that I needed to give the little ones who helped me carve the pumpkin credit, so here's to No-Bo and J.J. who also have bragging rights!


dmw212 said...

Aren't science projects always family affairs? I'd give the Wilson family A++++!!

Little fish, Big pond said...

Congrats No-Bo and JJ!!!