Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Eve of 9

Here we are about to celebrate another Birthday. My sweet boy turns 9 tomorrow! Yesterday J.J. fell and broke his new little toy gun. This sweetie, without hesitating, told J.J. that he could have his that he had just gotten. On Friday after the last day of school for the break he came home with some candy canes he had gotten. There were 3 little ones and one big one. He handed out the 3 little ones to everyone and put the big one up for himself. Pipi immediately dropped hers and started to cry. He went and got the big candy cane that he was saving and gave it to her. This boy is always doing things like that. I have to say that they definitely broke the mold with this one. He is such an amazing kid, and makes my heart smile daily. On this day 9 years ago we had to leave the movie theater just after purchasing tickets because my water broke. We were so nervous about becoming first time parents, and were amazed when they let us leave the hospital with this little baby on Christmas day. Now here we are 4 kids later and couldn't love being parents more!


Anonymous said...

You are preaching to the choir when you tell me how great Luke is. Happy Birthday to my # 1 Granna

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday!! We just got your Christmas card today! We miss seeing everyone! Tell Jeff hello! We need to get together sometime. I didn't have your address so your Christmas card is on the way!!! (check out my blog--www.creativecrafting08.blogspot.com)

John and Leslie Bradley

Kristen said...

Hope he had a great birthday! I know he must be a great big brother after watching how sweet and helpful he was with Aidan last week too.