Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We are spies!

Those of you who know us, know that we can't just have an ordinary simple birthday party. My kids start planning their next party as soon as we finish the current one. No-Bo wanted a spy party this year, so we were spies in training. Once everyone showed up at the house the doorbell rang and there was a folder that said the presents had been stolen and if he wanted them back we had to follow all directions. We blind folded the kids, and drove them to the secret spy training academy (AKA the community room at the high school). There they were lead through a series of spy training activities. They had fingerprints made, came up with spy names, worked on disguises, and had to identify the missing spy object from a tray full.

Apparently being a sneaky spy means you can't look at the camera.

Can you recognize these incognito spies???

After their spy training they had to follow the clues that were written in invisible ink to lead them to the presents. These were the lasers that they had to navigate through to the next clue which was inside this room (which by the way when we got home we had to make laser beams in the hall because they loved this part so much). That room had balloons scattered all over which were "bombs" that they had to "detonate" in order to find a clue inside one of them which of course was written in magic ink. Once they found the presents there was a safe on top of them which had explosives inside. They had to use the clue they found in the balloons to open the safe, and then each child had to set off an "explosive" (party popper that had confetti) to protect the presents.

If you can't tell the cake is supposed to be a magnifying glass, and my sister Lindsey decorated the bomb cake for me!

Gotta love trick candles especially on a bomb cake!

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twarbington said...

We are so sad to have missed the parties this year!! We are ready for you all to come visit....come soon!!