Tuesday, December 28, 2010


 Doesn't it look like we are at some ski resort?  Poor J.J. keep fighting with his hat!

 I love this picture of my sweet Pipi and her delicate features.  I just wish it a sharper image.

Dog pile!

This boy loves to sled...he is a speed demon!

L.C. built a ramp and caught some air a few times!

My sweet J.J. wasn't too big on going down the hill, so he just played at the top!

We were going to go to Huntsville the day after Christmas, but we got all this snow and decided that we really wanted to go sledding instead the roads would be too bad to drive over the mountain (which by the way it did get a little harry on the way there).  We drove up to Rabun Gap school where there were many people who had crawled out of the hills to sled...so we joined them.  Fun, fun fun!  The ambulance only had to come once while we were there!

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