Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas!

After school got out we headed to Pickens for a few days to celebrate Christmas with the Wilson clan.  Christmas #1

Christmas morning!
Christmas # 2

No more dreaming of a white Christmas!!

After Christmas at our house we made our way to Huntsville for Christmas with the Algie crew!  The kids sure do enjoy spending time with their cousins!  Christmas #3
** I am trying my best to catch up on my blog.  Like I said some other time that when I get so far behind I just shut down and can't do anything...I just dont' want to skip over these sweet moments that we have had.

**Another side note...this new blogger format is driving me crazy...I can't figure out how to do what I want and it is driving me CRAZY...that will explain why this post looks the way it does...just enjoy the pictures!


black tag diaries said...

love that last picture... with pipi in the storage container;)

twarbington said...

okay I am so far that a new baby in the Wilson clan??

Carolyn said...

Yes, Tiffany that is a new baby. It is Jon and Tonya's baby girl Jolie. She was born in Nov.