Friday, April 22, 2011

Soccer, soccer, soccer...

.. all we have been doing lately!!!  I helped coach soccer this spring at the high school for my 3rd year, so I have been busy with that since January.  Our season ended on Monday with a 9-0 win!  I can't lie and say that it hasn't been nice being home in the afternoons again. Getting out of the house in the afternoons is always kind of hectic.  Jeff has to run pick up the big boys from school, and then get home in time for me to rush off to practice.   Lets just say it is nice to have that chunk of time back!

L.C. is playing soccer again this spring on a U12 team.  He is doing great and enjoys playing up with the bigger boys.  He is so much fun to watch play.  That boy never stops moving out on the field.  Even when he is not involved in a play is bouncing up and down!

No-Bo is also involved in soccer on a U10 team as a 7 year old, so he is playing up too!  It has been very exciting watching him play...he is pretty fast.  This is his first time playing an organized sport (I hold them off in being involved in anything as long as possible because one day all 4 kids will be going in different directions, and I will have to save my sanity for then!), and I think he is really enjoying being part of the team.  This video shows him scoring a goal.  He is on the #65 on the blue team.

I think that they both play into May, so we have a few more hectic weeks of shuttling them around and trying to figure out how we can get who where!  I am so looking forward to the lazy days of summer!!!

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candice said...

We need updates of these sweet kids. :) Hope you guys are doing ok.