Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bullfrogs and Butterflies Art party

 Pipi and J.J. turned 6 in May and I am just now posting!  I didn't want to skip over it!  These two love to do crafts and art more than anyone I know!  They ask ALL THE TIME if we can do a craft or paint something, so we decided that an art party would fill their hearts desire!

 A before shot of the butterfly/frog decorating table.

 This was the art canvas table.

 J.J. marble painting.  These pictures turned out amazing!

 On one end was the marble painting and the other was bubble painting.  They loved making a mess blowing bubbles through the straws.

 Our art display and my Pipi girl!

 The aftermath!

 Everyone got to "create" their own ice cream sunday.  Some of them were quite disgusting looking with all the colored sprinkles mixed up!

 This is by far NOT my best cake.  Of course it was so very last minute, but it turned out okay.

 These "paint brushes"  were a huge hit!

Here are the Birthday boy and girl.  We had to pretend to blow out the caldles because they wouldn't stay lit.  For some reason I didn't get many pictures of them at the party!


Jamie said...

adorable as usual. Can't wait to see what magic you do at P's party.

Garretts said...

so cute. love the idea & looks like your little artist were happy!