Friday, May 16, 2008

Remembering Cody... Sept. 25,1992-May 16,2008

After 15 1/2 years it is time for Cody to leave us. We have made the decision to send him on. Although he is still mentally with us, I can't bear to see him try to get up and walk anymore. His back legs will no longer carry him like they used to. I was telling the boys how he used to try to sprint out the door and down the street in his younger days. I would have to chase after him first thing in the morning and he would make me so mad. Oh how I wish that were still the case. We would walk at least 4 miles everyday, and he taught me how to walk fast or get pulled along. He has been the most amazing dog ever. His best trick is giving high five! I could have never have lived by myself if it weren't for Cody there to protect me. Before I had children I always said "I hope that I love my children as much as my dog". We have given him extra love these past few days since we made the decision, and I even cooked him pancakes with syrup just like I did for his Birthdays before he left today. I know he is loved and has a full belly! Farewell my Cody. I will miss you tremendously, but it makes me smile to know that you will soon be running again because we know that ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN!


jlindsey said...

I know how hard it is for you to lose Cody...he truly is in a better place, with his friends like "Stink"

On another note, glad you've joined the "blogging sphere!"

melmore said...

I know how you guys are feeling right now. Precious our dog has been with us for about 7 yrs and we found out the other day that she has liver problems that we are trying to control with a strict diet. My parents lost both of their dogs right behind one another about 3 yrs ago. We will be heading to Washington, DC in June to visit Mike Beaupure and family.

candice said...

I know how much you loved Cody and how many wonderful memories you had with him. We will all miss him!! I will certainly miss him growling at me (ha). My thoughts are with you.