Friday, May 30, 2008

10 Years

Well here we are... the old married couple. It has been 10 wonderful years for us. It is crazy how quickly time does go by, and you really don't feel any older (although we may look it). We have had many great experiences over the past 10 years. We have gone to Europe 2 times, moved 5 times, and now have 4 amazing children. I like to tell everyone that in 6 consecutive years we spent Christmas in 5 different houses, and we are not even in the military! We do have a great marriage that just gets stronger every year. We have really grown to depend on each other and make one another better people. I am looking forward to the many wonderful things that we have yet to experience in the coming years. Happy Anniversary to us!!!!!

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jlindsey said...

Congratulations you two love birds!