Sunday, May 25, 2008

Table Rock

Wow what a day! Today we were brave and decided to hike to the top of Table Rock! It was a 7 mile round trip and we all made it. The little ones had it easy of course in the backpacks. Papa and Nana went with us in preparation for their trip to the Grand Canyon this Sept. I love this picture! They look like they could fall off the mountain at any time, and well yeah they really could. Luckily you can't tell what a tight grip Papa has on the little ones hands. One slip and you are a goner. We packed our lunch and ate at the top with this amazing view. The ants were very thankful!
I am so proud of this little boy. His little four year old legs made the entire 7 mile hike!

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Jamie said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun time. Can't wait to see you next week..