Saturday, May 29, 2010

Carnival party

This weekend we celebrated Pipi and J.J.'s 4th Birthday with a Carnival theme party. It turned out great thanks to all the help that I had from family and friends. We set up our side yard to look like a carnival complete with tents, games, food, and prizes! I think the kids had a blast, and it really did run itself once it was set up...which means that I didn't have to do the entertaining.

There were so many cute pictures that I had a hard time deciding, so this is another long post. You won't be disappointed with all these cuties though!

View from the front of house. It was very colorful. Thanks to all my Friday night house guests for blowing up about 150 balloons for me. It just wouldn't have been the same without them!

L.C. was in charge of the snow cone booth. He ran it all day...not sure how many he had himself.
excited about the prizes and took the tickets very seriously.

My funnel cake man...he made these all day, and filled the air with a carnival-like smell...yum yum!

This was the lemonade, popcorn, cotton candy stand. Yes I sent the kids home with a sugar high!

Oh the prizes...they were so excited about getting their prizes! I collected and searched all over for these.

Sack races!

Tug of war...girls against boys!

Text ColorThe 4 year old Birthday girl.

These girls love each other, and love being silly together. I just love Lou's face here!

Pregnant people can clown around too! We were glad to have Aunt Jamie join us this year!

J-birds cake was a ferris wheel. He was sure serious about blowing out those candles.

This was my Pipi's cake...I think it turned out quite cute if I do say so myself.

I live with these two clowns. Jeff entertained with his juggling act!

Cousin Lynnlee was a trouper and dressed up with us!

My crazy hair boys!


Jamie said...

What a great party! I would say it was a huge success. Had a great time with everyone.

Garretts said...

This is Awesome (with a capital A!) These photos are beautiful and that ferris wheel cake is impressive! You are amazing, Carolyn!

Leslie said...

Super cute!

krissy930 said...

Love the party pics! Happy Birthday to your littlest ones. LC and Lynnlee's clown costumes are great!

the warbingtons said...

So sad we missed this amazing party!! I know you all had fun!!

our little family said...

GREAT JOB on the super fun birthday party!!! loved these pictures...